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In Lancaster County, PA

About Jonathan

Hi, I’m Jonathan, the Daddy at Precious Paws! Thanks for visiting!

To begin, I know that the puppy you choose will be a very important part of your life and you want to be sure to have a healthy companion.

Our family takes the job of caring for your future friend seriously. We want you to have a happy and healthy puppy that can bring smiles to you and your family for years to come.

We chose the name Precious Paws for several reasons. First, I have been a dog lover for as long as I can remember. Because of my passion for dogs, this love was instilled in our children from little on up. The dogs on our family farm are a part of everyday life

At Precious Paws, we specialize in the non-shedding Havanese and Mini Poodle mixes because of their great personality and awesome temperament.

Following is our commitment to raising and puppies that will make your family smile but also add to the overall health and well-being of dogs in general.

Our Commitment

  1. We offer our dogs the daily socialization and exercise program as developed by our veterinarian for our adult dogs and puppies.
  2. We keep well informed in the field of genetics and work to eliminate hereditary defects.
  3. Our breeding dogs are examined by qualified and licensed veterinarians to eliminate common genetic defects from the bloodlines.
  4. All of our puppies are up-to-date on shots are dewormed before finding a home.
  5. We refuse to sell to anyone who has been convicted of cruelty to animals.
  6. When a dog has hereditary faults of such nature as to make his or her use for breeding detrimental to furtherance of the breed, that dog shall not be bred.

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